Are you looking for summer outfit ideas? Do you want to save money while still looking stylish? In Alyssa fashion, I’m showing you how to style one denim dress four different ways! If you’re ready to look good and feel good on a budget…then keep reading!

Before I begin, I just wanted to give you a quick little update on life: life is FULL these days. I’ve officially been working in my new job for two months and it’s safe to say I love it. I feel so extremely fortunate to have found a role that deeply aligns to my own personal values, a role that leverages my past experiences as an educator, and role that still pushes me every day. In just two months, I’ve had the opportunity to travel as well! I started my first week in NYC, traveled to Philly last week, and will be going back to NYC tomorrow. (I know, crazy). I am reminded how abundant my life is and how thankful I am for God’s blessings! All in all, life is grand. I hope that whatever season of life you are in, sweet friends, that you are able to find gratitude to anchor you whatever life is throwing at you.

And now onto the outfit ideas!

The start of the show this week is this amazing Levi’s denim dress I found at Marshall’s.  Unfortunately, the original dress could not be located but here are some super similar and also affordable options!

Outfit #1: Classic White Button Down

If you’ve been following my blog or Instagram for awhile, the you’ll know this is one of my all time favorite style hacks: tie a button front shirt over a dress and you’ve got a skirt! A classic white button down shirt is SO versatile, incredibly classy, and such an easy go-to outfit for the summer. My button down is from Tradlands.  The quality is incredible and I love the boxy, over-sized feel. I sized up to a medium to have more fabric to be able to tie it!

Put on a straw hat, my favorite Target espadrilles, and you’ve got my ideal summer outfit!

Here are a few of my fave straw hats and shoes at the moment:




Outfit #2: Band-Tee Chic

Okay, at this point, if you haven’t figured out that I love style hacks…well here you go.  This is another easy styling tip–take a band tee, put it over the denim dress and tuck in the front. BAM! You’ve got another cute shirt and skirt look. We all should have a graphic tee lying somewhere around our closet–no need to go out and buy something! Re-wear what you got!




Outfit #3: Put a Blazer on It

If you follow me on Instagram, you KNOW I love this blazer.  I’ve worn it SO many times and in so many combinations that it’s already paid for itself. That’s how good it is. Unfortunately it’s no longer sold online, but here is a similar option:




Outfit #4: Denim All Day

And this outfit is the outfit of my southern dreams. Denim. Neckscarf. Straw hat. I’ve never felt more at home than this. I chose to style it with a bandana to add that cute western detail and make this outfit complete! I bought my bandana from Madewell last year. Here’s a similar affordable option that comes in several prints and colors!




And there you have it! One denim dress styled four different ways. What look was your favorite?! Would you rock a denim dress or how would you style it?!

Thank you for reading my friends and be sure to leave me a comment to let me know what I should style next!



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