I was once told that if I was an emoji, it would be this one: 1fc3dc9f4abc8e92eb92008139e0bd5c.jpg

At first, I thought…really? Just because we share the same eyes? ….kidding.

He said that the emoji reminded him of me because of my positive energy and optimism. And you know what, I kind of have to agree.

You see, I’ve always felt this deeply rooted sense of optimism, despite any negative energy around me. I’m not sure where it comes from, but I have to say, living life with a half-full, forward-moving, positive-seeking, joy-finding mindset is better than well, the alternative.

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I choose to have a positive mindset because our beliefs don’t make us good people, but our beliefs inform  our actions.  We act on what we believe, and if I choose to find the good, I am going to live my life accordingly.

Maybe that’s why teaching is the perfect profession for me–it takes a special heart and patience to see the “good” in the messy, disorganized, confusing, and emotional lives of eleven and twelve year olds.  It’s what I love about being human. Our lives are never linear, sometimes messy, but always beautiful.

So here’s your reminder to see the good in life and in people, no matter what negative energy is being projected on you. This isn’t to say that we should ignore our realities–especially the realities rooted in injustice and inequality. But it is a reminder that we get to choose the lens we see this world in.

Because one thing I’ve learned is that what people project on you is more of a reflection of themselves. I hope to always project kindness, love, respect, and build others up in the process. This is what I call the “golden state of mind.”

Stay golden, y’all. <3

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Here are some photos of me in the “Golden State!” I grew up in California and will always be a California girl at heart–no matter the coast.

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Okay, can we talk about how many trends I am sporting here? Straw hat, off the shoulder top, gingham, block sandals, neck scarf, mirrored sunglasses…oh MY! Good thing everything is totally #teacherbudgetfriendly and linked below. 🙂

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What I’m wearing:

  • Straw hat from Gap, similar here
    • On sale in store for 50% off plus additional 10% off for cardholders: $15.79
  • Red neck scarf from Target : $5.99
  • Mirror sunglasses from H&M, similar here: $9.99
  • Gingham, off-the-shoulder top from Loft
    • On sale plus extra 50% off: $17.44
  • Black “jeggings” from Loft
    • On sale plus extra 50% off: $24.99
  • Tan block sandals from DSW, similar here
    • On sale in the summer clearance section in the store!
    • Also THE comfiest sandal ever. I walked ALL day in these in San Francisco and my feet felt amazing!
  • Fiorelli tan backpack
    • On sale at TJ Maxx: $49.99