….is like a carnival ride.  Sometimes you have the time of your life and want to go again. And sometimes, you immediately regret your decision and wish you never agreed to go on.

Same, kid. Same. (Y’all know that feeling)


When I was in my early twenties, the question I used to dread the most was, “So are you dating anyone?” (Shout out to my friend who once asked…”So how’s your dating life?  Do you have one?” LOL.) I dreaded it because for the vast majority of my life, it’s always been a no.  I consider myself a “late bloomer” and used to draw immense insecurity in the lack of dates I was going on.  Like many of us, I wondered, “What is wrong with me?” “Am I an undateable human?” “Am I wearing boyfriend repellent?”


But now, I proudly wave my single status in the air. Why?  Because I love me and I love working on me.

Dating in New York has only solidified my self worth, as crazy as that sounds.  The online dating game is exhausting, y’all.  Swipe right, connect, exchange small talk, go on two-three dates, realize they’re not the one, repeat. This continuous cycle of meeting strangers from the internet has made me realize that dating for the sake of dating isn’t what I want. I’ve realized how valuable my time is and that if I actually want to get out of my pajamas on a Friday night instead of go to sleep at 8:30pm and order a large pizza to myself, that means you’re actually worth it.

I don’t derive my self worth by how many dates I go on or how many new men (or should I say, man-boys*) I meet. I am not a serial dater and will never be. I crave genuine, deep connections with others and it’s no different in a romantic relationship.  So in my state of singleness, I’m finding comfort in who I am, investing in my passions, my work, and the relationships that mean the most to me…which includes the one I have with myself. If I could be my own boyfriend, I would. I mean…I cook, I clean…I’m funny and cute. *hair flip*

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But in all seriousness, I know that in this time of independence, I’m only working on becoming the best version of myself for the future relationship I’m going to have.  While I don’t always see the purpose of every season in my life at the moment, I know that my current relationship with myself is the most important relationship I could ever invest in. So cheer’s to all you single folks out there–keep grinding, trust the process (ugh, so cliché, I know) and don’t forget how badass you are.

*man-boy= A human who presents themselves as a grown man but has boyish tendencies, habits and mindsets. Perfectly coined by my good friend, Nat. 🙂


But in the chance that I find myself on a date, how perfect is this dress?! Flirty, feminine, fun, and fabulous.

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Processed with VSCO with c3 preset

What I’m wearing:

  • Old Navy ruffled dress
    • On sale for less than $25!
  • H&M mirrored sunglasses
    • $9.99–totally on trend and super cute for low-bridged noses!
  • Sam Edelman block heels from DSW
    • On sale for $69–originally $130! So incredibly comfortable!