“If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude.” -Maya Angelou

Nothing like a Maya Angelou quote to speak some truth in your life, am I right?

Maya’s quote is coming in clutch this week as I reflect on how sometimes I’m impatient with the course of life.  Sometimes, I think and feel I should be at X place in my life and that I’m not getting there fast enough. Sometimes, I place too much emphasis on what others around me are doing and accomplishing, and forget that I’m doing a damn good job. Sometimes, I forget that in just 5 years out of college, I’ve managed to move across the country and live in 2 cities, find a career I absolutely love, complete my masters degree, develop amazing relationships with people I’ve met in both D.C. and NY, and have become a person that I’m proud of. Like damn, girl, give yourself some credit! And if you’re reading this (thank you) — give YOURSELF some credit and a moment to shout yourself out! You.Are.Amazing.

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My friend Dianne recently gifted me a mantra band with the quote, “Bloom where you are planted” imprinted on it. I wear it daily and look at my wrist any time I need a reminder that I have the choice to make the best out of every situation life throws at me. Life certainly hasn’t been easy living and working across the country away from my entire support system and teaching has certainly tested my limits. But I’ve come to realize that in every situation I’ve encountered, the attitude I choose has made all the difference.

We can’t always dictate what life throws at us, but we can dictate how we react and the attitudes we take.  Just like a flower that breaks through the cracks of a sidewalk to find itself still in full bloom, we must do the same; we must make the best of every situation because what we’re currently going through is laying a foundation for a future we are destined for. We must push through, despite all odds, and still bloom.

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I truly believe that every experience and challenge I endure is just another stepping stone that is preparing me for something greater than I could ever imagine. So here is your reminder, that whatever stage you are currently in your life, this too shall pass, and you are getting a step closer to living the dream, reaching that goal – big or small. Keep grinding, my friends and don’t forget to bloom where you are planted.

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Speaking of blooming–my floral dress from Old Navy is making me feel like a pretty little flower! It’s fun, flirty and a gorgeous yellow color that’s perfect for fall.  Pair this with an army green jacket and a little bootie…oh, my sweet, sweet, friends….this is the outfit. See below for details!

What I’m wearing:

  • Old Navy floral dress
    • Full disclosure: This dress is supposed to be a “midi” length dress but it is more of a maxi on me…but hey! It works and I’m thankful Old Navy recognizes the short people like me in the world.
    • On sale now for $42! I got it in stores when they had a 50% sale for only $22. Be on the look out for some flash sales!
  • Caslon block heel
    • Sold out at Nordstrom
    • Vince Camuto peep toe bootie (great for fall) alternative, $89.90
    • Hinge block heel; on sale for $44
  • Coach Mini Bennett cross body satchel; $123
    • I bought this a few years ago, but apparently amazon sells it?!