Friends! I’m currently writing this post in sunny California and it’s always unbelievable to me how much that changes my mood. The warm temps and sunny skies make it hard for a girl to not just be BEAMING all the time. 🙂 Also, this post was in my draft yesterday and totally intended on posting it, but I’m out here living and trying not to stress myself with this blog, because you know, this is for fun! So here is my #ThankfulThursday post 1 day late. 🙂

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This break has been so wonderful to be reunited with my family and it feels like I’m finally on a path to healing some of the skin issues I am facing.  I realize that healing chronic eczema and a body that has been completely dependent on steroids isn’t going to be a quick or short-term fix and so the hardest part of this has been being patient with the healing process and not feeling down if my skin is still not where I want it to be. And so a little update on my progress: I am on a very holistic approach that aims to heal my leaky gut and strengthen my immune system.  A few years ago I came across a holistic doctor that helped me identify a connection between my gut and skin and so I’m going back, full force on a treatment plan that targets just that. It’s going to take months before any noticeably progress is made, but my one win is that the uncontrollable itching has seemed to subside and I am not having daily scratch attacks anymore. Yay for progress! Thank you to those who have reached out or who have supported me through the last few weeks. You got me through and I am so thankful for you. And now onto other life updates. 🙂

Every time I come home for the holidays I become so much more thankful for the amazing family that I have. I know that not everyone fits the holiday narrative of big family get togethers full of laughter and joy and because of that, I am even more thankful  for the traditions and memories I continue to make each year with my large, loud, and very Chinese family. (leave a comment if you relate 😂)

This year, my family traveled to Washington, D.C. to watch my younger brother graduate from his training academy. I am so proud of him for not only going through a rigorous training process, but for being selected into a highly distinguished and selective program.  I was such a proud big sister, snapping a million photos of him as he graced the stage and shook the hands of government officials. But even more so, what made me happy, was to share a new experience with my parents.

Growing up, we never took vacations, mostly because we didn’t have the money or means to.  And so now that my siblings and I are older, we’ve made it an effort to plan more vacations that allow my parents to experience the vast world that they so deserve to see.  D.C. also has a special place in my heart as it was the city I lived in for two years right after graduating college.  I loved being able to show my parents the city I used to call home and also show them all of the fun touristy sights! We saw the White House, walked the National Mall, visited our good friend Abe, and ate our way through D.C. It was such a lovely 4 days and so here are a few of my favorite photos (and outfits) from our trip!

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Striped Flounce Dress from Loft

  • Currently 60% the SALE price of $49.88 which makes it $20!
  • This dress is super flattering (even though I was nervous about big horizontal stripes) and extremely comfortable. I walked around all day in it and loved the way it moved and felt!

Black Beret from Target

  • At only $12.99, you just can’t go wrong with this beret! One of my fave winter hats to style and also extremely warm!

Cashmere Scarf from Gap (not sold online)

  • Here’s a similar option from Nordstrom which is currently 50% off! So warm and soft!

Faux Suede Boots from Target

  • $39.99 (Such EXCELLENT quality!!) Okay, if you’re like me and have been blessed with some wider calves, you need these in your life. They are warm, comfortable and fit over my athletic calves! And for under $40! You cannot lose with these.

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Petite Moto Coat from Loft

  • $188 –but I snagged this on sale during Black Friday for over 50% off. Loft is always having crazy good sales and so I’m positive you can get this coat during one of their 50% off sales. It’s SO warm, perfect for my petite frame and seriously the cutest. I always get compliments when I wear this coat and can’t help but feel a little like Mary Poppins. 🙂

Wide-Legged Cropped Jeans from Loft

  • Currently 60% off the sale price of $54.88 which makes them a STEAL at $22. Get them now.
  • Also, if you saw my instagram post, then you know my style hack is to buy cropped pants because they are the PERFECT full length for petite gals like me!

Blush Colored Sweater (Not sold online)

Dr. Scholl’s White Sneaker –on sale for $59.95

  • I can’t find my exact shoe online but let me tell you…these shoes are literal heaven. Gel cushion that mold to your feet?! Y’all before you start knocking the down because they’re Dr. Scholl’s, just put them on and you’ll thank me later!
  • Here’s another pair of Dr. Scholl’s shoes I’m eyeing–rose gold sneakers!


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Velvet Wrap Dress from Target

  • This dress is UNDER $30, is extremely comfortable and oh-so-chic.

Faux Suede Boots from Target

  • Here, I styled this dress with long boots, which I had reservations about, but it actually worked! Perfect look because it was cold and I had a lot of walking to do this day.
  • If I was wearing this out, I’d pair it with some fun block heels and be ready to dance the night away!

Here are some other fun shoe options for NYE if you want to style a velvet dress!

  • Low block heels from Target
    • Only $27.99 — these cute heels are an excellent option if you’re like me who wants the added boost without the pain of wearing heels! These are lower, still very fashionable, and will allow you to dance the night away!
  • Lulu block heels from Target (higher heel)
    • On clearance for $25!
    • I actually wore this velvet dress to my holiday party this year and styled it with a nude heel like this. I think it would look darling with black details and some fun earrings!