Confession: I am a shopaholic.  But I’m a bargain hunter and sale-shopper, so that makes it a little more okay, right? Riiiiiiight?


I know that I could be doing so much better in how I budget and specifically, how I spend on clothing.  I have slowly accrued so much clothing that my closet, clothing rack and suit cases are all full of clothing. And if you know anything about a NY closet, you know that it’s tough out there for us fashionistas. Physically speaking, I have no room to be adding new clothing. And in terms of my pocketbook, my wallet is asking: why you no save money?

So in pursuit of saving money, clearing my closet space, and just generally being more intentional with my clothing, I decided that May would be a no shopping month! It’s been hard y’all—have you seen that Target BOGO sale?! Like if that isn’t Satan testing me….

Kidding. But seriously.

I was inspired by my blogging babe, Thuy, at Thuy’s Avenue! She recently launched a #refashioned #ootd series and it inspired me to join her.  Because let’s be real: I’ve got enough clothing for an entire year to not do laundry and can certainly be getting better use out of the clothes I already own.  And full transparency–there are about 8 new items I’ve never worn sitting in my closet right now.  Anyone else have the bad habit of buying, stuffing it away and then never wearing it until months later? Yeah, that’s me. Guilty as charged.

So here’s to saving money, getting creative, and shopping my own closet for the month of May! All of my featured looks for this month will be pulled straight from the depths of my closet. Hope you’ll join me! Sweet friends, let me know if you’ll be joining me! What are your closet/clothing goals?






What I’m wearing:

  • Universal Thread jumpsuit from Target
    • Only $27.99, super comfortable and lightweight!
    • I wore this on one of our super cold “spring” days, hence the layered look. But what I love about this jumpsuit is that you could totally layer it with a cute band tee and it would be such a cute summer look! Or wear it as is for a lightweight outfit on a super hot day!
  • Black booties from Target (sold out–you’ve seen this a LOT on the blog!)
  • Universal Thread Ring Bucket Bag from Target
    • Only $24.99 and the cutest little bag! It fits what I need and I love the ring handles!
  • Faux sueded moto jacket from Old Navy
    • Seriously SO comfy and the perfect jacket for spring!