Woah, anyone else freaked out at how fast this summer went by?  August is in full swing and I am still processing it.  This is my first year in the last six years that I am not gearing up for a new school year and it’s finally hitting me. I catch myself wanting to dream up a bulletin board only to realize that I don’t have one to make.  I am oh-so-happy to be home and to be taking a much needed break, but I am definitely feeling a bit nostalgic! I will save those feelings for another blog post, but just know, it’s a weird feeling and it’s where I’m at right now.

Anyway…this post isn’t about me #inmyfeelings, this is about business.

So now that we’re in August, I wanted to round up the 5 summer closet essentials!  These items have been on repeat for me (as I’m sure you’ve seen on my IG) and my absolute ride or dies. I mean, I’ve pretty much only worn these items which means my laundry cycle is the same each week. Anyone else with me on this?

#1 Wide Brimmed Straw Hat

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I have not been seen without a hat on yet this summer. Why?  Well it’s two-fold: 1) The wide brimmed hat offers me MUCH NEEDED sun protection (hello eczema) and 2) It’s the perfect outfit topper. Think of an ice cream sundae–is it really an ice cream sundae without the cherry on top?  That’s what this hat is to me.  It’s the finishing touch.  It’s the last thing I put on to make the outfit. Plus, it gives me Parisian vibes and I’m dreaming of the day I get to visit. For now, I will pretend and wear this hat every day.  Here are a few of my faves!

#2 Colorful Sunnies

I mean…my future’s so bright, I gotta protect these eyes, ya feel me? JK. But I will say that I forgot how bright this California sun is.  Like really bright. So bright, I bought these coral colored sunnies from Loft and have been wearing them ever since.  And now I’m a true believer that everyone needs a pair of fun colorful sunnies.  They make your outfit look instantly cute and it’s sure to be a head-turning, conversation point.

My exact pair are on sale for $6.00. SIX DOLLARS. IF YOU DON’T RUN AND BUY THESE NOW…you will regret it. Go get them now. 60% off the sale price y’all…I sort of feel jipped because I bought them when they were $15. But it’s all good because I’ve worn them so much, they’ve paid for themselves!

Loft is actually having an incredible sale on their sunnies so here are a few more fun ones for you!

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This entire outfit is actually from Loft! The top is old from last year and the skirt was on sale a few weeks back.  Here are some similar options:

#3 Lightweight Culottes/Pants

If you’ve been following me for awhile, you already know that my aesthetic is the wide-legged pant and hat look. (Thank you, teenage cousin for describing my style so perfectly). This summer is no different–I’ve been LIVING in these wide legged pants because A) they’re easy to move around in and not clingy and B) I like to cover my skin from sun exposure while still looking cute!

My exact pair of striped pants are from H&M and only $17.99! They also come in different prints and colors. I would have bought more but you know my entire wardrobe already consists of other wide leg pants.

The linen/tan pants are not sold online (got them from a small store in the local mall), but here are some other affordable options!

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#4 White Cotton Shirt

Does anything scream summer more than a crisp white shirt? I mean, take me to the Hamptons now! Below I styled the same one shouldered ruffle top with two different wide-legged pants.  I love using one piece and styling it multiple ways–all about getting that #bangforyourbuck! My shirt is last year from Loft, but here are some other options:

#5 Basket/Woven Purse

You already know purses like these are ALL the rage. They’re fun and add the perfect little detail to your summer outfit.  I got mine from Amazon  for only $20! Here are some other fun options:

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And here I am wearing all of the essentials at once.  Tell me this isn’t the perfect summer outfit?!

And that’s a wrap folks! What was your favorite look? Let me know what summer trends you’re loving and what your closet essentials are right now!

P.S. The links in this post are affiliate links.  That means if you choose to buy something using a link, I make a smallllll commission. (I’m talking cents.) BUT, it really helps me continue blogging and keeps me motivated. (You have no idea how exciting it is to see someone buy something using my link. This blogging thing takes WORK!)  Ya girl is also unemployed right now, so if you do choose to purchase, it means the WORLD to me. Thank you for your continued support!