You wake up on time, brew yourself a cup of coffee (or matcha in my case), and begin your day.  Everything seems to be going well until you need to decide what you’re wearing today.

You stand at your closet, uninspired by what you see, although your closet is bursting at the seams with options. You stand there only to realize that a precious 7 minutes have passed and all you’ve decided is the bra and underwear you’re wearing for the day.

Sound familiar?

I’ve totally been there and have found myself so frustrated at times. With all of the clothes that I own,  I still can’t seem to find something I want to wear! Such a #firstworldproblem.

That’s why I truly believe in the power of creating a wardrobe with excellent staples.  The two most classic pieces? A basic white t-shirt and pair of well-fitted jeans.

Once you have these two solid pieces, building looks around this can be easy! Having different jacket options can easily transform a basic outfit into something more polished, professional and chic. Here are three different looks I put together featuring my trusted white t-shirt and jeans!

The Staples:

Outfit #1: Statement Jacket

This amazing leopard jacket was gifted to me from Leota New York and let me tell you–it is the most comfortable and amazing jacket I own.  The material is soft, breathable, and MOVABLE. It’s also wrinkle resistant and can be machine washed! Such a win!

Here are some other leopard jacket options that could be super fun!

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This is what happens when my brother takes my photos. Double-chin type of laughter. LOL.

Outfit #2: The Blazer Look

Okay, if you ever want to look like you have your ish together, throw on a blazer and call it a day. Paired with work pants, a skirt, a dress, heck even SWEATPANTS, you will look so polished. Instant “I have my ish together” look.

This striped blazer is surprisingly good quality! It’s lightweight, lined, and actually has pockets.  This isn’t really a blazer that is warm, but I live in California so it works for me!


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Outfit #3: The Denim Jacket Look

Last but not least, this jacket is my take on the “denim jacket look.” It has the feel of denim but is unique with the stripes and flared sleeves. It’s lightweight and super comfortable! Would be a great option for spring if you’re currently on the east coast (sorry, loves), but this jacket works for California as of now…though it is getting colder in the 60’s. Haha!

I got mine on clearance from Target this summer and it’s sadly no longer sold, but here are some fun options!

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So there you have it! 3 different looks all using the same foundation for the outfit. Looking put together doesn’t have to be difficult–you just need some quality basic pieces and the combinations are easy to create! I hope this helps you out and makes it a litttttle less stressful in the morning for you! You could easily put on ANY jacket or cardigan and this look is so cute! Swap out the combat boots for your favorite fall booties and the outfit is ready for you!

Let me know which is your favorite look and what I should style next!