Lately, I’ve been thinking about the concept of time.  How the older I get, time seems to be passing by quicker and quicker each year.

Time can empower you–it can make you realize how far you’ve come, can give you the introspection you need to be better, and also give you the extra push you need to get things done when you’re on a time crunch.

But it can also do the opposite–cripple you with fear, grip you with anxiety, or leave you feeling empty when you look back and think: what did I do with all the time I was given?

So when given these two options: how do I choose to see time?


I choose to see time as gift. As an opportunity to further my life each day doing the things I love, investing in the people I love, and living authentically. I am actively making the choice not to let time be my enemy; to not let time make me feel inferior; to not let time make me feel like I’m behind.

But quite frankly, with each passing year, time used to scare me.

You see, society has conditioned us to believe that there is particular time in which our lives should unfold. I, too, subscribed to this idea…that I should be in a relationship and married by a certain age.  That I should have kids by a particular age. That I should have achieved certain professional accolades, have found the career of my dreams, and have this linear path of success.

Well…my journey in my twenties has made me realize that this just isn’t the case, nor is it a realistic expectation for me and so many women out there. I refuse to let a checklist of items that society has deemed I need to have crossed off dictate my worth.  Because at the end of the day, those things don’t actually mean you’ll be happy.

And while time seems to be moving moving at a different pace for me these days as I’m currently transitioning into a new career, I know that my path is unfolding in the way it should. There have been so many times during the past 6 months of being unemployed that has made me feel “behind” in life.  It’s made me question whether or not I made the right choice in deciding to switch careers. It’s made me feel like I’m behind.

But then I remembered that this time off from a traditional 9-5 is truly a gift. I’ve been given such an incredibly opportunity to rest from a stressful 6 years of living on the East Coast as an urban educator.  It’s given me such an amazing opportunity to build my creative passions (like this blog) and forge new paths for myself in this little space. I’ve had time to really pour my energy into myself and discover what I truly want in my next job. And I remind myself that just because my life isn’t full of the “checklist” items right now, it doesn’t mean that I’m not working towards my goals. After talking to my good friend Nat about our “timelines” last night, she brought up such a good point that made me reevaluate where I’m currently at and I wanted to share a perspective with you all:


Sometimes you will feel stagnant in your life–like you’re not progressing, or that it’s not moving fast enough in the direction you want it to.  But so long as you’re investing in the things that matter to you–whether it be your personal development, working out to become healthier and stronger, creating content for your blog, or applying for the jobs that you want–at some point, the outcomes you’re working for will appear. And the work you’ve put in will be worth it. You just have to keep fighting for it, even when you’re uncertain of the outcome.

And so my encouragement for you this week is to keep pressing forward.  Maybe you’re like me and you find yourself in a interesting chapter of your life.  Where you’re not sure where you’re headed, but you’ve got big dreams and goals you have for yourself.  Keep working towards them.  Keep putting in the work. And stop comparing your journey to the ones you see on the internet.  The timing of your life is not by mistake and things will happen when they should. Trust and believe in that, keep pushing forward, and the blessings and breakthroughs will come.


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