Some time a year ago, I started a blog post series called “Thankful Thursdays.”  In an attempt to stay grounded in practicing gratitude and in my attempt to build it into my weekly reflection, I wrote a blog post every Thursday on something that I was grateful for.


I truly loved this series because I wrote about things that genuinely made me smile each week and it uplifted me in so many ways. It felt good to talk about things that filled up my cup and reminded me just how much beauty exists in this world–in the small and big moments of life.

I was solid on this for a few weeks and just like any other well-intentioned goal, I stopped writing. Not because I ran out of things to be grateful for, but because life got busy and the blog posts fell to the wayside.

And so this year, I decided…if I can’t keep up with these blog posts, surely I can keep up with an IG story?! I’m excited to announce my #thankfulthursday IG story gratitude challenge.  Each week, I’m challenging you to reflect on three simple questions.  They shouldn’t take more than 3 minutes to fill out and is an easy way to build in the practice of gratitude into your weekly story.


I mean…if you have 3 minutes to scroll down on IG, you have 3 minutes to reflect on all the things you’re grateful for–amirite?

The template is below and I will be posting it in my story as well! If you decide to part-take in this challenge (which I sure hope you do!), be sure to tag me in your story so that I can see your reflections and repost you in my story! This is also a cool way to track your gratitude as IG stories are archived and can be saved in a highlight! How cool would it be to look back on all your reflections at the end of 2019 and see all of the amazing moments you reflected on?! I’m totally in on creating a gratitude capsule with this!

Thankful Thursday

I’m excited to continue to strengthen my gratitude practice and to do this alongside you beautiful people.  There is genuinely so much to grateful for and I hope this weekly challenge helps you stay grounded in all of the things that you are blessed with each week.




What I’m Wearing:

  • Off the shoulder knit sweater from Forever 21; $22.41, on sale right now!
    • This sweater seriously feels WAY more expensive than it is–I love the off the shoulder detail and how cozy it is! It’s super cute!
  • Dark wash denim in petite from Loft; $69.50 but currently 50% off! Makes them less than $35!
    • These jeans are my absolute FAVORITE.  They are my go-to’s when I want to feel put together, chic, and sexy! They come in curvy and petite–perfect for my body type!

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