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One of the biggest trends I’ve been seeing for spring 2019 is the tie neck blouse! If you’re looking for a way to add a cute staple for work or play, keep reading to see how I’m styling one of my favorite tops for spring–the tie neck blouse!

I’m always looking for tops that can transition from day to night and the neck-tie blouse is an amazing option. It’s classy, chic, and comfy–my three trusted C’s! I have several tie neck blouses I’ve recently picked up so I wanted to show you a few different ways to wear them!

Outfit #1: Lavender Look!

This neck-tie blouse is one of my favorites from Loft! It has soft pastel colors, vertical stripes, and is made out of a flowy, comfortable blouse material.  It’s high quality and looks amazing as a work top.  Pair it with a blazer and these lavender pants and you’ve got the perfect spring look! I also swapped out the blazer for a leather moto jacket for a more casual look in case you want to take this from day to night!


Outfit #2: Jumpsuit Look!


One of my favorite things to do is LAYER! In this look, you’ll need a jumpsuit with a v-neckline so that the blouse can pop through. My jumpsuit is no longer sold but here are some other options!

Outfit #3: Monochromatic Blue!


I’m a huge fan of monochromatic outfits for an easy and chic look! I paired this blue neck tie blouse (gifted from Lovoda!) and these fun plaid pants from loft.  The blouse has fun ruffle details on the sleeves, is loose fitting, and a beautiful blue color!

Outfit #4: Pleats Please!


And last but not least, here is the final look! I picked up this black tie neck blouse at Loft and just had to pair it with my favorite pleated skirt. The blouse is super lightweight and comfortable. I could easily swap out the jacket for a blazer or cardigan to make it work appropriate.  I also love the feminine contrast with the edgy details of the leather jacket and combat boots! This skirt is old from Uniqlo but here are some current options!

And there you have it! I hope this inspires you to try out this classic tie neck blouse for a chic, comfy, and cute look! Let me know in the comments which look is your favorite or what I should style next!



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