With 2019 in full swing, new year’s resolutions are being made, new priorities are being set, and goals are being journaled.  I’ve been seeing a lot of buzz online around choosing a word to represent your 2019 year–a word that will inspire and catapult your year into becoming the best year yet.

I’m not gonna lie–I love that kind of stuff. I love setting intentions for my day and week, and so the idea of assigning a word for my year wasn’t a stretch from what I already do.


Setting an intention allows me to check in with myself–to ensure that my choices, decisions, and thought processes align to my values.  It’s almost like a personal compass and keeps me focused to stay the course, to continue doing the things that align to my goals.

I’ve put some thought about where I’ve been, where I am now, and where I want to be.  I think 2018’s word was HEAL. Taking the steps to heal my body from eczema naturally, heal the mental health challenges I’ve faced, and to heal my soul from the burdens I felt were weighing me down.  After putting in a lot of work in myself for the last year, I finally feel like I’ve set a strong foundation for the life I want to continue living.


And so with 2019….my word for the year is….*drum roll please*……


Cultivate means to promote the growth or development of…to foster.

In 2019, I want to….

  • cultivate more self-love for myself.
  • cultivate compassion for myself and others, but especially myself when I feel like I’ve messed up.
  • cultivate deeper relationships with my family.
  • cultivate more memories with my friends who I am blessed to have in my life.
  • cultivate new friendships with people who align to my values and have a positive impact on me.
  • cultivate my creative passions even greater.
  • cultivate a loving and supportive community on this blog.
  • cultivate my love for cooking and sharing holistic health advice.
  • cultivate my love for helping others look and feel their best.
  • cultivate new professional goals and and opportunities.
  • cultivate my sense of wonder, curiosity, and love of learning.


I think this word perfectly describes where I am and where I want to be in 2019. I’ve got so many ideas brewing in my head for this blog and my creative passions. I have been blessed with amazing family and friends and want to continue pouring into those relationships. I want to continue to pursue new opportunities professionally and grow in a new industry. I want to foster a loving community here on IG and on this blog. I want to start traveling again, exploring the world, and gaining new perspectives.

2019 is the year of growing upon the foundation I’ve worked so hard to build while awakening myself to new heights I’ve only dreamed of.

And now it’s YOUR turn! What is your word or vision for 2019? Leave me a comment and share with me your hopes and aspirations for 2019!

I hope that we can share our dreams together, support each other in the pursuit, and continue to live joyfully and peacefully in this new year! I’m excited to continue to take you on this journey with and am grateful you’ve landed here on this corner of the internet with me.

Let’s do this, sweet friends!




What I’m Wearing:

I’m so thankful to be partnering with Loft for this blog post! This outfit is sponsored by Loft and has come to be one of my faves! It’s casual, very comfy, yet totally chic!

  • Floral jacquard shift dress from Loft
    • I got this dress in a medium petite and the length is seriously perfect! I love how comfortable it is–the material is basically an elevated sweatshirt made out of this gorgeous lace floral print.  It flows from your body (not too clingy) and is such a great piece when you want to look put together in an instant!
  • Modern plaid fringe poncho
    • Okay, I’ll admit that at first I wasn’t sold by this poncho.  But after wearing it and styling it with this dress, I fell in love! The pattern mixing is such a fun look too! I’ve worn this poncho with jeans as well and it’s seriously the perfect little cover up to throw on when the weather isn’t too cold (which isn’t a thing here in California…HA!)


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