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It’s been a minute since I’ve sat down to write and share with you what’s been going on with me. 6 months have come and gone since I’ve pushed the publish button and it feels pretty good to be back here, I have to admit.

I had every intention to write a blog post recapping my 2019 year and while I wanted to sit down and process everything, I just couldn’t get myself to write. But now, a few months into 2020, I feel ready to pick up the pen–or type on my keyboard I should say–and begin writing again.

My entire 2019 felt like a whirlwind and that’s mostly because it was.  I started my new job in April of 2019 and from there, life as I knew it completely changed. When I started my new job, my entire existence changed. I went from having no schedule and being jobless for 9 months, to being thrown into the exciting world of tech which also meant having a demanding travel schedule.  If you follow me on my Instagram stories, then you’ll know that I’ve spent almost every week since the start of my job on the road or on a plane, traveling to different parts of our country to conduct trainings for teachers and school districts.  To put it into perspective, I’ve been on 26 flights in 2019 and secured Silver Elite status at the Marriott Bonvoy in 6 months! Hotels and airports became my second home this last year and that lifestyle quickly became exhausting.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s truly been the dream job; learning about the world of tech, gaining new opportunities to flex new muscles, and seeing so many new parts of our country has been incredibly fulfilling.  I feel so lucky to have a job that I truly love and feel so passionate about. But ya girl was TIRED after this year.

I share that to explain part of my absence on here.  With every week being so unpredictable with travel and a steep learning curve for my new role, I barely had time to keep up with Instagram. I stopped posting as frequently, stopped engaging with other accounts, and began pouring my energy into taking care of myself with the little time I had for myself.

At first I felt guilty for not keeping up here and felt bad for not being able to balance it all. As a high-achieving “type A” personality, I had to grapple with not fulfilling my own goals with the blog. But then I had to change the narrative in my head from, “I’m a failure” to “I’m doing the best I can.” And when I re-calibrated what my “best” was…I realized that meant putting my blog on the back burner to be more present in my life and focus on the big life transition I was going through.

My travel schedule has calmed down and I finally feel like I’ve hit a groove in my job where I can balance my work, my hobbies, my social life, and general life responsibilities. I finally feel ready to come back to this space and I’m genuinely excited. Writing to me has always been therapeutic and when I realized why I’ve felt so “off,” it’s because I haven’t had the chance to just simply write. Not writing for a sponsored post, and not writing with the pressure of delivering value to my audience. Just simply writing. I can’t think of the last time I wrote a blog post for the simple fact of enjoyment, and you know what? It feels pretty damn good.

And so with that, I’m reclaiming my blog as a space for me to share what’s on my heart. I truly started this blog for that reason and felt that I somehow lost my way in the last year. I put this crazy pressure on myself to have perfect blog posts and write posts that folks were going to want to read, but none of that matters if I’m not enjoying what I’m doing. So from here on out…you’ll see me doing me. I hope to be here more regularly –writing about things I want to write about, sharing snippets of my life, and things that make me happy. Thank you for following along and for your endless encouragement.

Share with me how you’re doing! I’d love to hear from you!




Thank you Who What Wear for gifting me this outfit! I recently did an Instagram takeover for them and had so much fun styling this outfit for you all! This is actually a two piece set that you can rock separately and I’m excited to style it all throughout spring! Here are my pieces:


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